Mixing & Mastering


Our Philosophy

We put passion into every project!

We believe in quality, not quantity, so we would need a time limit on when the mix & master should be done. If there is some waiting time, we will give you an estimate on when we can start on your project.


  •  All separate audio stems printed as 44.1khz/24bit WAV
  • All stems well labeled
  • Vocal stems, all separate and no processing (except for the tuning if its already done)
  • Music stems, keep all processing ON except for Reverb/Delay (If possible)
  • A rough mix of the track


Versions we deliver after Mixing & Mastering the track: Main Mix, Acapella & Instrumental (TV Version only if needed) let us know.

Side notes:

  • If the master is for all streaming services (Spotify etc) we recommend -14 LUFS Mastering please let us know
  • If you want all mixed stems separate we charge extra costs of €50,-


Our engineer;

«I’m a producer, songwriter, mix engineer & master engineer Over almost 15 years experience in making music. Produced Jessie J – «Your Loss I’m Found» on the Sweet Talker album and being mentored by Kuk Harrell, the best vocal producer in the game. Even singed to his publishing company Suga Wuga Music for almost three years now. I put my passion in every project.»


Some of the work that our mixing & mastering professional has done:

    • Mixing, producer & songwriting credits:
      • Jessie J
      • Iggy Azalea
      • Rochelle (X-Factor winner)
      • Sharon Doorson (Popstars: The Rivals winner)
      • Tom & Jame
      • Holl & Rush
      • Kuk Harrell
      • Richie Loop
      • Wu-Tang Clan
      • Vvaves
      • And More


Mix & Mastering (Full Service); 400€  (4 Revisions free of charge)

Mail: Info@InvictaRecords.com

If you inform us in the email, we can afterward send the finished song to our a&r team. Getting a chance to get it signed. We have a certain way we want the mix & master to sound, making the demo an even better fit.