We at Invicta, have a highly trained team of professional vocalists.
We see that there is such a huge gap in quality vocals (from performance to lyrics i.e.). One of the major issues we have seen is that there are a lot of music producers who want high-quality vocals, but they don’t want the vocalist to be a part of their song, have a say in what will happen with the song, nor get any credits. This is where we step in.


Our services;

High-quality vocals




Our vocalists are anonymous

You get 100% ownership of the vocals, so you can do whatever you want with them


Usually, when a vocalist writes and performs on a song, they have the right to a certain percentage. This means the vocalist would need to be recognized but also have a say in who to sign to, where to publish it etc.

In other words, they also decide what will happen with the song, which can cause trouble. When you order from us, you don’t have to think about anything like that. Since you own both lyrics and vocals.

Its also important to think that you only do a one-time payment, so you don’t have to keep paying the vocalist in the future for when the song makes money.


Vocals (Full Service); 500€  (3 Revisions free of charge)



We do recommend when getting vocals, to also get the mixing & mastering. This way, when we get the instrumental, we will do the rest for you. Making sure that you both have professional vocals and a mix & master that is on the highest level, ready for release! This gets you a -100€ discount off the total price.